Fitness Club Flexor F-1200 Auto Incline Treadmill – Black

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Track Length

The track length25 INCH * 64.5 INCHis ideal for most runners, allowing for full strides at high speed.Double Track with extra hydraulic Spring suspension attached to support the quality of walk/jogging.


The workout data shown include time, distance,auto incline, speed, calories burned, pulse, and laps. A racetrack graphic helps visualize your progress.


Cooling Fan available for continuous running.


Enjoy your music during workouts. Includes USB slot, Aux cable, MP3 pin.


Walk uphill on your treadmill! The track is auto incline up to 15% helping you boost your metabolism and get extra muscle tone. The tilt can be adjusted manually or controlled with preset programs.


This unit has a Motor Power: 3.75 HP which provides more power than other treadmills. This motor has a lifetime warranty and is advertised as being especially quiet.


It can easily be folded to reveal more than two feet of floor space.

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Feel Good!

With hundreds of home treadmills to choose from, it can feel good to get the best one. Choose Flexor 1200 Motorized Treadmill – 3.75HP, a sleek and aesthetic creation, to give you an appealing appearance for the special effort you may make each time over this fully equipped. Designed for a home exercise essential without running miles away outdoor, instead just at a single spot of your room.The impressive incline/decline feature not only boosts your metabolic rate but also allows for better muscle toning and endurance training or hill sprints. It provides enough power for your needs.

Variable Response Cushioning!

Variable Response Cushioning provides a well-cushioned landing zone and the back is firmest for push-off. This special cushioning helps reduce the chance of knee injuries and can also boost your performance. Reduces Joints pain and Care Pin-Joints in the body for lasting stamina.


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