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Ultimate Body Press Wall mounted Pull up Bar/ Chin Up Bar - 4 Grips Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up and Chin Up Bar for Home Exercise Fully Steel with Rubber Handle

Ultimate Body Press Wall mounted Pull up Bar/ Chin Up Bar - 4 Grips Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up and Chin Up Bar for Home Exercise Fully Steel with Rubber Handle

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Enhance your upper body strength and get a full-body workout with the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar. This heavy-duty bar features 4 grip options and rubber handles for comfort. Easy to install and perfect for home exercise, it's the ultimate addition to your fitness routine. Support up to 150kg


  • Strength Building: Effective for strengthening upper body muscles including back, arms, shoulders, and core.

  • Convenience: Allows for convenient workouts at home without the need for large exercise equipment.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to larger exercise machines, wall-mounted pull-up bars are typically more affordable and require minimal maintenance.

  • Customizable Workouts: Users can vary grip width and exercise intensity to suit their fitness levels and goals.


Tools and Materials Needed for Installation:

  • Wall-mounted pull-up bar kit (includes bar, screws)
  • Drill with appropriate drill bits
  • Level
  • Pencil or marker
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver or screw gun
  • Optional: hammer (for tapping in wall anchors)

Installation Steps:

  1. Choose the Location:

    • Select a suitable location on your wall. Ideally, this should be a place where you have enough space for exercising and where the wall studs are located close to where you want to mount the pull-up bar.
  2. Mark Mounting Holes:

    • Hold the pull-up bar against the wall at the desired height and position. Ensure it's level. Mark the locations of the mounting holes on the wall using a pencil or marker through the holes in the brackets.
  3. Drill Pilot Holes:

    • Use a drill with an appropriate drill bit to drill pilot holes into the wall at the marked locations. The size of the drill bit should match the size of the wall anchors or screws provided with your pull-up bar.
  4. Insert Wall Anchors or Screws:

    • Depending on the type of pull-up bar and your wall surface, insert wall anchors into the pilot holes. Tap them gently with a hammer until they are flush with the wall surface. Alternatively, if you are mounting directly into studs, skip this step and proceed to screwing directly into the studs.
  5. Mount the Pull-Up Bar:

    • Align the holes in the pull-up bar brackets with the wall anchors or screws. Use a screwdriver or screw gun to tighten the screws into the anchors or directly into the studs. Ensure the pull-up bar is securely attached and level as you tighten each screw.
  6. Test the Installation:

    • Once the pull-up bar is securely mounted, gently test its stability by pulling on it or hanging from it. Ensure that it can support your weight without any issues.
  7. Final Checks:

    • Double-check that all screws are tight and that the pull-up bar is securely mounted to the wall. Make sure there are no loose parts or instability.
  8. Maintenance:

    • Periodically check the screws and brackets to ensure they remain tight and secure. This will help maintain the safety and longevity of your pull-up bar installation.

Additional Tips:

  • If you're unsure about any step or if you encounter difficulties, refer assistance from a professional installer like carpenter.
  • Ensure the pull-up bar is installed at a height that allows you to perform exercises comfortably without hitting your head on the ceiling.
  • Follow weight limitations specified by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the pull-up bar or causing injury.

By following these steps and using the correct tools, you should be able to successfully install your wall-mounted pull-up bar for safe and effective workouts at home.


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